The San Francisco Billiard Academy
A PBIA Certified Master Academy


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Joseph Mejia -- mejia@sfbilliards.com

Bob Jewett -- jewett@sfbilliards.com -- (other contact info)

Eric Harada -- harada@sfbilliards.com


Clinics have no more than four students per instructor. Charges are typically $75 for a four-hour course, but this depends on the location.

Instructor training courses run for eight hours per day for one to three days, and the charge is $250/day.

Courses can be arranged at your location, which can save on total travel costs.

Private Instruction

Individual private instruction is available from any of the instructors. Fees range from $40/hour to $75/hour depending on the number of hours arranged, any discount applied, and the type of information covered. Please contact the instructors for further information.

Basics Clinic (Outline)

This four-hour course includes video-taped analysis of fundamentals, progressive practice drills, special drills to improve mechanics, and discussion of basic and intermediate concepts such as stance, aiming, stop/follow/draw, and side spin.

Eight Ball Clinic

This four-hour course includes video-taped analysis of fundamentals, drills, strategy discussion, and a refresher on any needed basics.

Nine Ball Clinic

This four-hour course includes nine ball strategy and position drills.

Introduction to Billiard Instruction

This one-day, eight-hour course provides an introduction to PBIA-certified instruction. While this introduction does not result in PBIA Certificate, it does give the potential instructor a start on the three-day courses listed below, and is an economical way to start the path to Certification. Partial credit will be applied from this course towards the "Recognized" level if taken from the SFBA.

PBIA Recognized Instructor Course (Outline)

This three-day course is intended for advanced players who want to improve their ability as instructors. It is not a course to learn how to play; it is a course to learn how to teach billiards. There is an entrance screening process so that both the Candidate and the SFBA can see if this is the right course for the Candidate.

PBIA Certified Instructor Course

This three-day course is for Recognized Instructors who have sufficient experience to advance to Certified level. There are both written and practical tests. On the third day, the Candidate will conduct the Basics Clinic listed above with one or two beginners as students.

More Info About PBIA Instruction

For more information on the PBIA Instructor Training and Certification Program, visit the PBIA Website and check the "Become an Instructor" section.