SFBA Miscellaneous Files

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1)         Articles that appeared in Billiards Digest by Bob Jewett

2)         The RSB/ASP Frequently Asked Questions (with answers) List

3)         14.1 (Straight Pool) Handicapping charts.

4)         Some Progressive Practice drills. Practice log sheets for your own shots/drills.

5)         Handout for the SFBA Basics Clinic

6)         A PDF with drawings of a pool table.

7)         A booklet about Artistic Billiards (carom) from 1987.

8)         A test for throw.

9)         A legal combination to make the 8 ball.

10)     Ron Shepard's paper on billiard physics

11)     Ron Shepard's paper on squirt or see a summary version of it.

12)     Information about the method used by the NPL for handicapping nine ball matches.

13)     The Argonne Pool League Handicap System  An eight-ball league system.

14)     Paul Moyland's pool jargon list.

15)     A drawing from Kentfield's "Billiards," published in 1839, showing squirt and a pivot point.

16)     Diagram 1 and Diagram 2 illustrating fractional ball aiming made by Pat Johnson based on his understanding of one aiming system. A GRAPH of fractional ball aiming as a PDF.

17)     Ball outlines to allow you to make precise paper targets for various sizes of pool/snooker/carom balls. Print out the PDF file and cut out the outlines. Here is a set of pool size only: pool ball targets.

18)     A template to set up three balls in a straight line with space between for demonstrations: Three ball line and with a 30-degree angle: Three ball angle.

19)     A bank test shot to see if speed alone can shorten a bank. Use the three balls in line template just above.

20)     The BCA 1980 rules for Last Pocket Eight Ball which were also in the 1982 rulebook but were gone in the 1985 edition.

21)     Results from the 11th Crystal Kelly 3-Cushion Tournament held in Monaco, June 14-20, 2004

22)     The affidavit attesting to Willie Mosconi's high run of 526 in 1954. Bob Jewett has authorized copies of this available (both sides) suitable for framing. Contact info.

23)     A plot showing how collision-induced throw varies with cut angle for a stun shot.

24)     An article (PDF, 800kB) on how the pro players aim from the July 1995 issue of Pool & Billiard Magazine posted with permission.

25)     A copy of the BBC Rules of 1914 (PDF, 400kB) including some games you've never heard of.

26)     A drawing of paths of the cue ball with various speeds and full follow.

27)     A graph of the follow angle of the cue ball for various fullnesses of hit.

28)     A list of billiard books available to trade. Contact Bob Jewett to discuss which items are wanted in exchange.

29)     Three articles from Billiards Digest about the Jacksonville Project (530kB PDF) that taped ultra-high-speed videos of various stick/ball/rail interactions.

30)     An amazing video clip done by a group in Austria. It's a Windows Media 9 version file. It includes ultra-high-speed color clips and fast infrared shots that actually show how the spinning cue ball heats the table.

31)     An article on Joe Tucker's Aiming by the Numbers system.

32)     An article on Preshot Routine and focus techniques.

33)     Seven articles from Billiards Digest by Dr. George Onoda (1.5MB PDF) that appeared in 1989 to 1992 on the topics of break speed, "perfect" draw, half-ball caroms, an analysis of where balls go on nine ball breaks, sighting kiss shots, safety play, maximum spin, skid/cling, and the geometry of stun shots.

34)     A listing of spots at one pocket that allows you to calculate relative ratings of players.

35)     The cover of an Accu-Stats magazine covering Efren Reyes (Caesar Morales) in his first recorded US appearance.

36)     The instructions for the heater of a Gabriels carom table as a PDF.

37)     Racking templates as a PDF for various sizes of balls as mentioned in the July 2001 issue of Billiards Digest.

38)     A scoresheet for straight pool (14.1) with explanation.

39)     A 14.1 practice log sheet for straight pool (14.1) with explanation.

40)     The pool game Colors invented by Carl Sandstrom. Here is a Q and A for the game.

41)     A diagram of fractional aiming From Colonel C. M. Western's book. Note that he uses "cut-ness" rather than fullness, so a full ball for Western is a cut of 0.

42)     A scoresheet for Pool Golf which is a game like golf played on a pool table with 18 different ball patterns.

43)     All of the issues of the Accu-Stats Newsletter which provided amazingly detailed statistics of nine ball matches in the 1980s.

44)     A mild rant about aiming systems true believers and true skeptics.

45)     The Robert Cannefax 3-cushion system charts.

46)     A catalog page for Brunswick (BBCCo) chalk from 1913 Brunswick Chalk 1913

47)     A book on carom billiards from 1890 by J.F B. McCleery (PDF, 12MB, not McCreery) black and white scan. Also, the fancy front cover, prototype version.

48)     The official rules of straight pool, 1921 Championship version.

49)     Artistic billiard shots (fancy shots) by Mario T. Flores Grijalva from the Robert Byrne collection.

50)     An amusing article from 1897 about the moral perils of cue sports.

51)     An article about how to shoot with the cue ball close to the object ball

52)     A diamond ruler that lets you divide the diamond into tenths.